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Video of Kate Welch, Pharm D and Skunk Pharmers at PSU

Whoop, whoop, lu lu lu lu lu lu lu!  Praises to Kitchenkook for the videography, here’s the U-Tube of Dr Kate Welch’s presentation at PSU, with follow up teases by the Skunk Pharmers Carla, JD, and Joe:

Kudos and accolades to Tom for the videography and formatting!  Apologies on some of the microphone interference at spots, where the hand held mike interfered with one of the two camera mics.  We had previously checked the two camera mics together, but not with the third that was added at the last moment for recording by others.

Normally we would have used a single lapel mic and plugged all the cameras and recorders into my central sound system, but sadly circumstances prevented us from doing so.  Just too too clever by half saving money using personal equipment, but had our initial two camera mics not proven compatible together, we would have rented a central sound unit.

Pleased Tom’s first try was both visible and has clearly audible sound, with background buzzes only in spots.  That augurs well for future videos without time constraints, where we can present more detail.


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  1. TestABCD2

    I just had to create a new account and I can see it. Looks like they are legally covering their butts now with a terms and conditions. No big deal...and understandable.

  2. dan

    Hi, good presentation liked the video.Near the end when Joe talks about thca isolation he mentioned seporation by centifugation or something that effect. Do you care to comment on this process? How does this compair with recrystalazation from Pentane? I would be more than appreciative ok f you gave us common folks a page on recrystalazation of cannaboids and their acids. Love, peace-Dan

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