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Cannabis Hyperemesis

Given the growing interest in cannabis hypermesis, I ran across the following article that I found interesting and would like to share.

For ya’ll brothers and sisters who haven’t heard of it yet, in a nutshell it is a condition by which chronic cannabis consumers develop ongoing nausea and a desire to stand in the shower.

The article draws the conclusion that pesticides may be the culprit.

My purpose for sharing, isn’t to promote this specific theory, but to point out that residual insecticides have been demonstrated to be an issue by the Oregonian survey, and that they all produce effects as well.

One key point was brought up, and that is that is that azadirachtin is a natural plant created Terpenoid itself.  The plant world makes terpenes and terpene based terpenoids for a plethora of reasons, ranging from attracting pollinators, to killing predators, to attracting predators of predators, with many other functions in between, but in concentrated form we use them for everything from tooth paste flavor and medicine to sterilizing toilet bowls and stripping paint.

In the case of azadirachtin, its Rat LD-50 is 3540 mg/kg, so it is generally considered one of the least toxic, but how about chronic exposure to any of the terpenes or terpenoids?

From my perspective, whether you spray the insecticides on the cannabis plant, or concentrate them from their own natural terpenes and terpenoids, they all have physiological effects, so are worthy of study with regards to hypermesis.


Attacks on Instagram

Wowza, imagine my surprise when someone forwarded me Instagrams from Summit Research, where two brothers and a sister presented as gospel, things about Skunk Pharm Research that taint so.

Specifically that us’n Skunk Pharmers filed Chapter 11, and took a lot of people’s money without delivering, as well as other malicious charges.

Taint so of course, and as you would expect, our attackers are hiding behind avatars.

Doesn’t matter as it so happens, between the two I recognize and the two Joe recognizes, we know exactly who all three are.

Because I believe truth is not only shorter than fiction, and that it puts things in perspective, I challenge ya’ll three misguided brothers and sisters to discussing this in public, using our correct names.

Further discussion of the details at:

BHO Extraction Equipment Certification

Some of ya’ll know that I came out of retirement long enough to support my son’s  WolfWurx, Inc startup, and to provide the engineering required to get it certified for use in OR, WA, CO, NV, and MD.

I’m back in retirement again, but would like to relay my experience getting the Terpenator Mk IVC/VC certified, so ya’ll have some idea of what to expect and be better prepared.

Let me say for starters that I thought I had a solid design out of the gate, but noooooo, I still had to make some upgrades to get certified.

Secondly, the process, or how it is operated affects certification, thirdly the installation also had to be certified, and forthly, as did the extraction booth that it was in.

Soooo, like Zen, they are all one………………………..

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BHO Extraction Booth Design

With legalization, comes regulation, and one regulation facing local extractors, is the requirement that they have a certified extraction facility.

To obtain that certification, requires a panoply of steps and maneuvers, including certified extraction equipment, but a subject that comes up regularly, is what is required for a legal extraction booth itself???

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ISO-3 by D Gold

Some of ya’ll mature brothers and sisters will remember D. Gold’s ISO-1 and II Isomerizers from the 70’s, and some of ya’ll young researchers may have cast eyes upon one or at least a picture.

Starting with  the ISO-1, here is a picture from a brochure.  First concept, direct and utilitarian:


iso-ii-by-d-goldFollowed by the ISO-2, Super Flower Tower, which was both functional and elegant in design:

Imagine our joy and amazement, when D. Gold announced that he has now whomped up an ISO-3, and presented us’ns with SN-0001 to have our way with.

Clearly an evolved design that has moved from direct and utilitarian, through elegant, to KISS.  The sort of thang that happens, when you continue to mull over a concept for half a century or so………………..


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Hi Everyone,
About a month or so ago, Graywolf asked me to write an article on the history of cannabis extraction, as I witnessed it.  He also asked me what I thought the future of cannabinoid chemistry might be.  Well …. Thanks a bunch Graywolf!  Keep me up thinking an extra hour every night for a month contemplating what the hell might be next.  Not actually complaining, mind you.  I do love it!
My first thoughts on the future was that the future is here, the future is now, we done done it all already.  When the basement Alchemist can perform the same experiments and procedures that previously only happened in university laboratories, or were carried out by government-funded scientists in Israel or Spain or at Harvard, we have come a long way. There’s not much that our intrepid Alchemists have not figured out. (Note that I left out those so-called researchers at University of Mississippi government “farm”. They have been about as useful in advancing the science as … you supply the metaphor). 
But then, something dawned on me that hit me pretty hard.  There is a massive universe of unexplored cannabinoid chemistry out there that may eventually yield incredible medicines and euphoriants.  It is likely a vast untapped mine of chemical wonders, and right now it is being abused, neglected, prostituted, besmirched, and possibly worse.  In fact, the way that this vast potential resource of wonderfulness is currently being treated will most likely lead to disaster.  Unless some young brave Alchemists step up and develop the research as it should be.
What the hell am I talking about? Synthetic cannabinoids! Spice! K-2! That horrible crap that the media has labeled as “synthetic marijuana” that makes big news as people freak out on unknown chemical mixtures that may or may not actually contain some synthetic cannabinoids.

Extraction Craft Source Turbo Ethanol vacuum recovery unit

Whoop, whoop, lu lu lu lu lu lu lu!  Ah just loves new toys!

Ya’ll brothers and sisters looking for support extracting or winterizing with ethanol, will be delighted with Extract Craft’s recent offering of their Source Turbo, vacuum assisted ethanol recovery system.

It is a counter top vacuum assisted refluxing still, about the size of a blender, that uses vacuum to reduce the temperature necessary to boil away the ethanol, so as to preserve more of the monoterpenes, as well as limit changes in their properties.

Hee, hee, hee, they sent us a unit to torture and our preliminary testing supports their enthusiasm.

Eloquentsolution just happened to have several choices of winterized BHO handy, so we selected about 150 ml from a mixed flower extraction for the trial.


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