Attacks on Instagram

Wowza, imagine my surprise when someone forwarded me Instagrams from Summit Research, where two brothers and a sister presented as gospel, things about Skunk Pharm Research that taint so.

Specifically that us’n Skunk Pharmers filed Chapter 11, and took a lot of people’s money without delivering, as well as other malicious charges.

Taint so of course, and as you would expect, our attackers are hiding behind avatars.

Doesn’t matter as it so happens, between the two I recognize and the two Joe recognizes, we know exactly who all three are.

Because I believe truth is not only shorter than fiction, and that it puts things in perspective, I challenge ya’ll three misguided brothers and sisters to discussing this in public, using our correct names.

Further discussion of the details at:

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  1. Posted by Future4200 on March 4, 2017 at 2:59 AM

    While not one of the 3 detractors in this post, I seem to mentioned between the lines here.

    My name is Dustin. I met Joe in 2014 when I suggested the I-502 operation I was directing hire him to do some lab consultations.

    Joe and I hit it off and we began to brainstorm ideas, which got me involved with PharmGold.

    At PharmGold I was a part time, commission based, sales rep. However, it being a fledgling startup I took on several other “sweat equity” rolls. One of these rolls was project lead for the brilliant job.

    Brilliant and several members of PharmGold, including myself, determined the equipment needs, build out needs, and payment plan for the project with no issues. We communicated directly with their architect and contractor, providing plans and in person guidance, on exactly how to build a certified extraction lab. We built their extractor, and though a few weeks late on completion, we communicated the delay to brilliant and they responded with understanding, as they had yet to begin their lab build out and had no place to store the extractor.

    Around this time brilliant begins offering to sell me oil they have been producing to finance their PG project.

    At this point I take a scheduled weekend vacation, when I return the leader of brilliant has requested I be removed from the project, citing absurdities that i had no control over, such as construction being delayed on my accord and using very unprofessional language. Friday I’m doing great, Monday every thing possibly wrong is now my fault. She then does the same thing to James and JD.

    This is roughly the same time PharmGold begins to unravel and we part ways.

    To address another fact JD is hinting at, as I have said many times on IG, in the post he referenced with Summit even, I am not nor have I ever been a SkunkPharmer. However I have great respect for everything SPR and will continue to defend them on IG as needed.


  2. Posted by hashmaker on February 21, 2017 at 7:23 PM

    JA aka JK is a complete C*NT and has no business in the industry. So sorry you had this happen GW.


  3. Posted by Denis Jevon on January 14, 2017 at 2:50 AM

    Do these people have such empty pathetic lives that all they can do is attack innocent people who do a great job? Calling them trolls is an insult to scandinavian mythology. I call them Coprolites (fossilised dinosaur droppings).


  4. Posted by ericjgood on January 14, 2017 at 1:27 AM

    As an engineer who has some knowledge of the science of chemistry, I am always impressed with the breadth and the depth of information contained in SPR’s posts. I relish the economy of words. “Just the facts, ma’am.” You do have a way with words, ya know? Every article I read from SPR makes me a better person. I’ve gained so much from that which you give away freely, no strings attached. That some will seek to build themselves up at another’s expense, weather through half-truths, lies or slander, is unfortunate to say the least. But if that is the price we must pay in order to have free access to the knowledge and wisdom of a group like SPR, then I say it’s a small price indeed. There will always jealousy, envy and greed, my friends. You’ve made your case and it’s my guess that if there is a response to your challenge, it will be filled not with provable facts and evidence but with more of the same (nonsense), and not fit to be read. Integrity is not easily found because those who have it rarely lose it. Keep up the good work. Ya’ all are truly a class act.


  5. This is a matter of libel (it is slander if spoken) which is easily proven. While a pain in the ass, lawyer up and sue (require a public apology on their site which must remain up on their landing page for a period of, say, 5 years) and whatever financial compensation your lawyer thinks is appropriate.

    Good luck.


    • Posted by redturtle984 on January 14, 2017 at 3:43 AM


      The ONLY people that EVER benefit from a libel suit are lawyers. With respect, try walking into a lawyers office and asking to sue persons from Instagram. I can tell you precisely what the lawyer will tell you; “Sure, we can sue them. To get started I need a retainer of $15,000, or if you own a home I need the deed signed over.”

      I have been party to several suits both in big corporate arenas and also as a landlord and tennant. Even if it was possible to prove damages (and you have to be earning an income first to prove income was lost), then there is another stark reality I will inform you about – over 98% of successful lawsuits never collect a single dime from the judgements they receive. A judge can order you to pay, but it is up to the harmed to collect. How do you do that? Garnish wages? Put liens on things? The minute your target files bankruptcy your judgement is worthless. If your target is on a federal pension, as I am, it is illegal to garnish that and it is illegal to seize a bank account that holds federal pension money.

      With respect, advising anyone to escalate a relatively harmless, if not extremely rude, set of posts on a single service (Instagram), into a legal arena will cost FAR more than your own fee of $500 per day. My lawyers charge half that per hour.

      The reason I post a lengthy response is I have been down this road at a VERY high corporate level. Lawsuits are surgical tools meant for precise applications in corporate America. Escalation is NEVER advisable by an attorney unless the goal is other than financial, like revenge.

      I think GW and the team handled it perfectly and completely.


  6. Posted by redturtle984 on January 13, 2017 at 2:55 PM

    I have noticed some tacit personal attacks posted that have the same author style as well as the same technical errors in grammar which is a tip off nearly as certain as a partial fingerprint. I have suspected from four of the posts that I have read in the last several months that somebody out there has a grudge against you guys of some sort and is posing as different folks.

    I do not put a lot of stock in charges that neither concern me or that I have not personally witnessed. Our brothers and sisters need to vent and I hate to fault others for angry intentions lolz because I am guilty as sin.

    Now I am gonna vape some great extract and pray that they find an outlet for hate. Holding hate in your heart is like drinking poison and expecting the other guy to die.


    • We’ns and Moi personally have had our detractors over the years, and you are right about them assuming multiple avatars and trying to try their case in the media.

      Some are clearly sociopaths with no remorse for saying anything, true or not, and others are just angry and misguided. Hard to tell the difference when they exhibit no mores, scruples, or guiding principles, other than win points on Instagram and Facebook.

      I agree on hate destroying the hater, more than the hated, whom may be having the best of time at the very same moment…………



      • Posted by john vancouver on January 13, 2017 at 10:20 PM

        I’ve been lucky enough to have worked with both Carla and Joe over the past 4+ years. Nothing in those troll posts ring true to me. I have nothing but appreciation and respect for the skunk crew.


  7. Posted by Garth Wilson on January 13, 2017 at 2:52 PM

    lolol I have been reading your work for YEARS keep helping good people and let the haters hate.  Garth


    • Thanks for the good thoughts brother!

      Probably everyone should do what they do best………….. Some light up the room by arriving and others by leaving.



      • Posted by TJ on January 14, 2017 at 9:39 PM

        As per our conversation gw, you have seen the relavent data as requested which will be presented for his examination. My issue lies not with skunk pharm the entity, but with the individual who runs the Instagram for skunk pharm aka pharmer joe whom was being addressed, and the relevant data is being made available for his explanation. Leave me out of anything pertaining to summit tek, my only involvement with them was purchasing equipment when pharmer joe broke my kugelrohr and modified it voiding the warranty and ability to get a refund.


        • Thank you for responding TJ! Once you’ve compiled and organized your data as we discussed, I will pass it on to Joe so ya’ll can resolve it among yourselves.

          The salient point being that this was an issue between you and Joe, vis a vis Skunk Pharm Research or the Skunk Pharmers as a group.

          While chagrined at the attack on Skunk Pharm Research, I was most dismayed by your ostensible joining the detracting pack, because you and I have additional history beyond SPR, where you were most helpful in beta testing the WolfWurx Terpenator R&D, as well as testing equipment provided to SPR for the purpose.

          Rowdy packs get shotgunned together, so it’s good to see you standing clear, giving us a clearer sight picture with thuh varmit and squirrel guns.



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