Tattered Old Graywolf Retires Again????

Ah came to believe that you should retire as soon and often and possible, at a relatively early age, but it wasn’t until age 62 that I was able to comfortably retire from my professional career in industry.

Medical cannabis processing became a hobby, which blossomed into Graywolf, followed by Skunk Pharm Research with kindred spirits Carla and Joe.

Alas, next came time  creating WolfWurx with my son, then Pharmgold with partners to market WolfWurx designs, but ah’m happy to announce my 9-9-2016 second retirement from Pharmgold at age 73.

Hee, hee, hee, so far the time has been absorbed by Mom’s funeral, time with family over the hill and far away, and a vacation in WA DC marveling at the museums, as well as resuming mah dawg training and photography hobbies.

The best news is that it should afford me more time to play with Skunk Pharm Research projects and this site.

Watch this space for good things to come:

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  1. Nice Graywolf, hope you enjoy your retirement with family, friends and with the cannabis hobby we all love.

    thanks for all the knowledge passed on, you are truly a MASTER.

    best vibes from Brazil



    • Thanks for the good thoughts Gremista!

      As you might expect, the new “free” time fills in quickly, as Ma Nature and the tattered old Graywolf abhor a vacuum………. Rescuing a 5 year old German Shepherd male hard case grabbed a chunk, closing out old business continues, working on a book, and then we come to building new toys! Hee, hee, hee, sincker, snark, snort……….!!

      Tiz 4:52 AM in the morning and off as we speak to Radar Bob’s to assemble our electrostatic precipitator prototype………….. His lab is downtown and early beats the traffic.



  2. Posted by redturtle984 on October 31, 2016 at 1:54 AM

    I remember one day the government sent me a letter and said, “Congratulations, you are retired.”

    As I recall, I scratched myself and thought about it for a bit. I read further down and the official letter which said, “If you disagree with this decision, you may appeal the decision to …”
    and they kindly informed me who I could complain about this to.

    God Bless America! However, even with the Marine Corps and Nat. Guard duty behind me, my desire to fully engage my rights of appeal waned. I decided to accept the government pay. By golly, maybe I will just appeal that in my next life, or maybe it was just a test to see how stupid I really am? It is not my fate to know such thing.

    I am vape some now. Here is how I plan to spend my retirement…

    Peace be with you.


  3. Posted by Jim on October 16, 2016 at 7:40 AM

    CONGRATS Gray Wolf!!!!! Whoooooooo Hoooooooo🎉🎈 Enjoy Your time Man. I look forward to the next chapter in Skunk Pharm Research😊. And for any Pharmers in Massachusetts don’t forget to vote Yes on 4 The Massachusetts Marijuana Legalization Initiative, also known as Question 4 is on the November 8, 2016, ballot in Massachusetts as an indirect initiated state statute. Supporting Home Growing!!
    Thanks for all you do Gray Wolf and every one at Skunk Pharm. Keep on Trucking


  4. Posted by Nick on October 14, 2016 at 8:44 AM



  5. Thanks so much for continuing on.You have a few years on me.Your stoy sounds much like mine,although you may have a couple years on me.have been following you for more years than I can remember. maybe because I am an old man and loving it. Don’t know your industry.Mine was medicine. Nursing to be exact.
    Keep on keeping on and have fun doing it.


    • Morning Kim and God bless the nurses! Several nieces and my favorite daughter in law chose that profession.

      Having more of a proclivity for mechanical and abstract reasoning, than nurturing broken brothers and sisters, I spent my professional career in manufacturing management, and manufacturing engineering program management.

      The last couple of decades, I managed the design, installation, and shakedown of facilities, equipment, and processes in the aerospace industry. Providing the stuff needed to build the planes and rockets that the genius types designed.

      Jumping to the medical profession was of course a natural, with my extensive experience as a Red Cross life guard for a summer in 1961.



  6. ok Joe Kyser will be watching. You dont know me? Better Google me. Ive tried to chime in. Im not good with these forums so I think im gonna unsubscribe but i figured one last message to reach out. One more time I ca let yall know im here. 15 years of research has already gone worldwide. Im trying to make a difference here. Forums was supposed be the helper but i found that grass roots communication is key. take it easy
    Joe Kyser
    Herbal Liquidizer Company


    • Morning Joe!

      This forum is dedicated to public education, so your educational input is appreciated, as long as it is educational rather than spamming product lines.

      We are 100% behind progress and always searching for it, but as you can well imagine, we know a number of brothers and sisters making similar claims, so make a point to vet anything before embracing it and shouting its accolades to the rooftops.

      What can you tell us about your product, other than it is the goodest?

      For instance, no pet proprietary formulas required, but what solvents are involved? May we see the MSDS?

      Truth is shorter than fiction. What’cha got?



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