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D Gold, author of Cannabis Alchemy

How many of ya'll remember this? scan-cannabis-alchemy-cover When I professionally retired in 2005 and started my research into Medical Cannabis as a hobby, one of the best books I found on cannabis alchemy, was Cannabis Alchemy, by D. Gold. It was the basis for much of my experimentation, so imagine my joy and amazement more than a decade later, when the books author, D. Gold contact us'ns at the Pharm to share amenities and chit chat. Hee, hee, hee, it gets better!  After exchanging secret handshakes, and comparing secret decoder rings, D Gold agreed to share his observations with us, regarding the changes he's witnessed since he became involved with cannabis. Given that he published Cannabis Alchemy in 1971, we may infer that he did previous research before writing it, sooooo his experience ostensibly dates to before a large percent of this forum's readership was born (present company excluded) . To put it in perspective, even his book was published more than thirty years before I was doing anything more more technical with cannabis than making tricky little sneaker pipes or rolling joints. Check out:


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