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Zeiss 1000X Binocular Microscope with light source and video camera

Thank you Growgeek for donating this gorgeous Zeiss 1000X Binocular Microscope to our lab!  It will be invaluble in our mold research and inspections as well as other fun researchZeiss binocular microscope-1-1!

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  1. drew

    It was about 6 lbs per soak. I would generally do a 3hr soak although I have soaked overnight. I would run different pressures and keep them separate. If I ran a lower pressure first I would get more of the terpenes. I would slowly raise the pressure with each run ending up at about 4500 psi. Then I would mix in the the with the final product. The secret to the yield was doing a slow final transfer and purging of the co2.

  2. cplamb

    Does anyone know where I could find out information on the optical refractive index of supercritical carbon dioxide? I haven't been able to find anything on line--just the thermodynamic properties.

  3. kim Apeks Super Critical Benchtop System unveiling! holds 1 liter of material and the process is 2-4 hours and it costs about $18,000.

  4. Ryan

    I am curious about this. Is black light also a good way to detect mold? Are there any harmful types that wouldn't glow green at all under the black light?

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