Anna the Dog and Alzheimers

Anna and Alzheimer’s

A dog’s dignified demise using cannabis

In the spring of 2008 I received a call from my friend and an Australian Shepherd breeder and trainer. He had just returned from the vet with oldest (13 yrs) bitch Anna, and sadly the diagnosis was Alzheimer’s.

The classic symptoms included

1. Incontinence.

2. Inability to find her way out of a corner.

3. Loss of desire to go for walks.

4. Loss of desire to socialize with the other four dogs.

The vet’s Aricept prescription was expensive and had only diminishing benefits, so he called me; the most knowledgeable person he knew on alternative methods of treatment for the disease.

I am not a doctor, but am primary care giver for my Stage 7 Alzheimer’s mother using cannabis therapy, which was Richard’s primary area of interest.  He is also the breeder from whom I got my current 12 year old red Aussie Maggie, an accomplished lover and one of the greatest joys in my life.

I had previously supplied him my with my sedative July 4th cannabis formulation for noise sensitive dogs, and he was more than pleased with its effectiveness, while being more gentle and less discombobulating than the alternatives.

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